Call for papers and ideas for video/multi-media presentations


National Conference on State of Fundamental Rights in Pakistan

15-16 September, 2012, Islamabad

Centre for Civic Education Pakistan invites abstracts for papers, panel presentations and ideas for short videos/multi-media presentations at its annual National Conference to be held on September 15-16 September 2012 in Islamabad. The theme for 2012 conference is State of Fundamental Rights in Pakistan.

Submit your abstracts and ideas by June 30, 2012 at

The shortlisted scholars and presenters would have to submit their final papers, presentations or short videos etc by July 31, 2012. Those who will submit their final research papers and idea products will be offered travel support, boarding and lodging to attend the conference and will be paid a modest honorarium.

About Fundamental Rights in Pakistan:

Fundamental Rights is a constitutional term defined as “a set of constitutionally acknowledged rights, generally considered to be the indicators of a civilized, democratic and free society. Fundamental rights are ‘Justice-able Rights’ that are duly acknowledged by a particular polity and are codified into legal statues by the Legislature in the Constitution. These rights epitomize Citizens’ Social Contract with the State.

Fundamental Rights are derived out of broad notion of Human Rights. Pakistan has also ratified many international covenants and conventions that make it binding to respect citizen’s rights.

On 12th August 1947, a special committee called the “Committee on Fundamental Rights of Citizens and Minorities of Pakistan” was appointed to look into and advise the Assembly on matters relating to fundamental rights of the citizens, particularly the minorities, with the aim to legislate on these issues appropriately.

In Pakistan the Constitution acknowledges Fundamental Rights in Articles 8-28.