Who Ruled Pakistan

Total days of national life since August 14, 1947 = 23,409

S. no Nature of Regime/Government Number of Days %
1 Democracy 8,330 35.58
2 Military Regime 8,839 37.75
3 Hybrid regime (President in uniform and a showcase Parliament) 5,825 24.88
4 Caretakers 415 1.77
Total 23,409 100

As on September 15, 2011

  • We have calculated 2,567 (11.06 percent) from the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan till the imposition of direct martial law in 1958 in the category of hybrid regimes as bureaucrats like Ghulam Muhammad, Ch. Mohammad Ali and Major General Iskandar Mirza and General Ayub Khan were calling the shots. Even if we exclude these numbers still the military regimes and their hybrids under General Ayub, General Yahya, General Zia, and General Musharraf ruled for 12,097 days i.e. 52.12 % of our national life.
  • We have also included 131 (0.56 percent) of caretaker government headed by Mian Muhammad Somroo in the category of hybrid regime as General Musharraf in uniform was president.
  • The average ruling span of a military ruler is 3,227 days or eight years and eight months. This figure will further jump for General Ayub, General Zia and General Musharraf as General Yahya had to resign after the East Pakistan tragedy and could rule only for 988 days.
  • The average is only 1190 days or three years for pure civilian governments.