Islamabad. March 22, 2011. The National Conference Youth for peaceful and pluralist Pakistan held here on Tuesday resulted in a consensus that the educational curricula need massive revision keeping in view the vivacity of social, cultural and religious communities of Pakistani society.
The conference was organized by the Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan which attracted more than a hundred students from the Federal Capital and the four provinces providing them with a platform to interact with noted scholars.
During his speech on the role of education as fence against extremism Dr. Shahid Siddiqqui underlined the need to identify different types of extremism and devise strategies to deal with the each type separately. “The global experience shows that if rightly guided the youth can play a critical role in the making of societies and polities,” he said adding that given the overarching role of social media Pakistan needed to come up with extended pedagogies to attract the youth.
Dr Nizamuddin, vice chancellor, University of Gujrat said the structural changes in the institutions need to be brought about. He suggested coming up with a curricula through which resolution of conflicts and differences should be taught. “To make the pluralist ideology part of daily life of the youth we need an ingrained and well thought out education system”, he said. He also emphasized the need to create connection between the education system and the industry.
Dr Agha Nasir of Balochistan University stressed upon the need to first bring change from within. “We have done what we could. Now, it is the responsibility of young people to take the reins of this country in their hands as it is your turn to lead.” Dr. Sarfraz Khan of Peshawar University and selected students shared their experiences.
Earlier, Zafarullah Khan Executive Director Centre for Civic Education Pakistan welcomed the participants of youth conference. “The youth bulge in Pakistan is seen as an opportunity. This opportunity can be ceased only if we succeed in rightly equipping our youth. With this in our mind we have been working with youth of Pakistan and today’s conference is part of the same program”.
Briefly introducing the nature and scope of activities done by the Centre for Civic Education Mr. Khan said it had arranged 45 events in different universities across the country in which around 10,000 participants were registered. “This conference is a culmination of the activities done by the Centre across the country.