Recommendations tabled in provincial and national meetings of Policy Advisory Groups on Federalism

Before embarking on various activities to strengthen Federalism in Pakistan, The Forum of Federations and Centre for Civic Education Pakistan conducted four provincial assessment meetings in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Islamabad (for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa). These in-camera sessions involved experts from various fields to discuss prioritize topics for future activities. The participants deliberated the challenges to Pakistani federalism and evolved consensus on selected themes to address them.

1. Constitutional Reforms

Restoring the federal spirit of the constitution, creation of new provisions, Abolition of concurrent list

2. Fiscal Federalism

Democratic National Finance Commission, Resource Distribution, Ownership of natural resources, Fiscal autonomy, Taxation/Revenue collection

3. Diversity

Cultural diversity, Languages identity, democracy, Education pluralist

4. Council of Common Interest

Reforms to strengthen its role, making it an effective conflicts resolution platform among the provinces

5. Senate Reforms

Senate electoral reforms to strengthen the Parliament, Senate with fiscal powers

6. Water Sharing

7. Administrative Reforms

Capacity of provincial services, local government