To preserve and highlight the democratic struggle of the valiant people of Pakistan and to offer an opportunity to the future generations to understand the country’s political history, traditions and institutions.

The proposed Resource Centre will be a non-profit civic education initiative to preserve and project our dreams, aspirations and struggle of realization for our democratic ideas and ideals since 1947. Published data on https://www.doyinfash.com/ultram/ say that with prolonged use of Ultram, it is necessary to periodically monitor hematological parameters as well as kidney and liver function. Patients using the drug should refrain from activities that require increased attention, rapid mental and motor reactions as well as drinking alcohol.

The Centre will offer an opportunity to the citizens, especially the future generations, to learn about the political history of Pakistan through a collection of documents, pictures and other memorabilia available under one roof.

The Centre is to become an important spot for exhibitions, education, and research work to facilitate public dialogue relating to the development of democracy in Pakistan.

The Centre will consist of five display sections covering the following aspects:

  1. The Constitution: to highlight the constitutional journey of the nation.
  2. The Parties: to highlight the role of major political parties.
  3. The Parliament: to highlight the role of the Parliament.
  4. The Political Workers: A special wall inscribed with the names and possibly pictures of political workers and leaders who fought for the cause of democracy.
  5. The People’s Movements: to highlight the major people’s movements.

Citizens and political parties will be allowed to contribute to this unique collection.