Federalism and Decentralization in Pakistan

The Centre for Civic Education in Pakistan (CCEP), as part of UNDP’s project “Strengthening Participatory Federalism and Decentralization” is working towards generating knowledge products and to arrange learning events about Pakistani federalism through dialogues, research and training.
The CCEP will contribute towards this goal through the development of a course on Federalism for universities, organization of a consultation with stakeholders on Right to Information, working towards educating the common persons/citizens about critical aspects of governance and political issues by publishing articles on ‘Citizens Wire’ in both English and Urdu, organizing a dialogue with political parties and other stakeholders on the issue of federalism and devolved governance following the passage of the 18th Amendment. Finally the resource manuals on Council of Common Interests (CCI) and on operationalization of provincial autonomy would be developed to help in clarifying the changed roles/responsibilities of provincial and federal administrations following the 18th Amendment.