Youth Participation

Today’s young people are the world’s future. They will one day build our societies’ economies, and make decisions that will impact the lives of future generations.

It is important that today’s youth be encouraged to take interest in government decision-making activities and that opportunities be created to foster civic participation by young people.

The Purpose

To create a capacitated group of young leaders equipped with the tools to promote ?amongst young people, good governance, rule of law and rejection of violence and ?extremism in societal conflicts.

Major characteristic of Good Governance

There are 8 major characteristics of good governance and the first one is participatory. The other seven includes consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective & efficient, equitable & inclusive and follows the rule of law.

Youth in governance is the authentic and meaningful engagement of young people in programs, organizations, and communities, where they have or share voice, influence, and decision-making authority.


This program aims to train a group of interested students (first semester/first year) and ?involve university teachers as mentors and Ambassadors of Change in twenty selected ?public and private universities. We hope that the knowledge and skills acquired through ?this program will add to student’s lifelong learning to become active and effective ?citizens.?

During the first phase a Diploma Course comprised of following five modules will be ?offered:?

?1? Communication, moderation, negotiation and conflict resolution
?2? Civic activism, rule of law and good governance
?3? Understanding violence/extremism and its impact on youth
?4? Islam in contemporary world
?5? Citizenship in the age of globalization?
? ?
The participating student will be awarded Diploma Certificate upon completion of the ?course and will be facilitated to arrange series of activities like seminars, dialogues, ?debates etc by involving fellow students and teachers to highlight concepts like rule of ?law, good governance, and peaceful resolution of societal conflicts. In the final phase the ?student’s activities will be televised and broadcast on selected FM Radio and Television ?channels for wider dissemination of the message and to generate an informed debate.?