Constitutional Literacy Campaign

Diploma Course
Fundamental Rights in Pakistan

The Centre for Civic Education Pakistan is offering a weeklong Diploma Course to enhance understanding of fundamental rights and democracy besides encouraging active participation in the civic life of the country.

The CCE Pakistan will recruit 20 potential young leaders (18 to 35 years) from all over Pakistan through a competitive process. The CCE will seek buy free acutane prescription both geographical and gender balance during the selection process. The CCE Pakistan will arrange a week long course for the selected participants in Islamabad in January/February 2012. The course will be composed of four components: understanding human rights and fundamental rights, democracy in Pakistan, field visits to media organizations/ministry of Human Rights, and the concept of active citizenship. Upon successful completion of the program, the CCE Pakistan will award certificates to program participants.

Send your CV and a brief expression of interest why you want to join this program at by December 10, 2011.