Meeting of Urdu Language Expert Committee

A meeting of Urdu Language Expert Committee was held in Islamabad on June 12, 2010 under the banner of Centre for Civic Education Pakistan and Forum of Federations. The objective of the meeting was to gather a group of intellectuals to translate and review Urdu translation of books on different aspects of Federalism to ascertain and certify the English text is correctly captured in Urdu language. The committee also finalized and drafted a comprehensive and refined glossary of federalism related words in Urdu.  The exercise could be described as the beginning of an effort to indigenize federalism related body of knowledge and promote scholarship in the field with Pakistani context.

Participants of the meeting: Zafarullah Khan, Dr Jaffar Ahmed, Dr Khalil Ahmed, Jami Chandio,  Emmanuel Khurshid, Quryash Khattak, Fauzia Shaheen, Amjad Bhatti, Shafqat Aziz, Ahmed Saleem, Noreen Haider, Hassnain Ghayoor, Mazhar Arif