Pen down Your Ideas and Arguments

In collaboration with Higher Education Commission Pakistan, Centre for Civic Education Pakistan – a HEC recognized research and training institution, run on not for profit basis, is arranging a National Essay Writing Competition to explore and examine the way citizens relate to federalism in Pakistan.
The essay writing competition is for the regular students of public and private universities (age 18-25). It aims to promote writing and analytical skills with futuristic approach among university students along with encouraging research, analysis and argument development on this important theme.

The topic for essay is:
What does federalism mean to me?

1. Students can write on the topic either in English or Urdu.
2. The essay shall be original and unpublished and must not exceed 2,500 words, including footnotes or endnotes.

3. Ensure that all sources for research which are used are given proper reference. Nothing shall be copied from books/newspapers without using references. Plagiarism will be checked through software made for this purpose.

4. The essay must be typed using font 12 in Times Roman and saved in Word file, or typed by using the In-page. For print outs kindly use only one side of the paper.

5. Do not place the author’s name on the text pages. Include a cover page to mention the name, mailing address, phone number, educational institution, (department and registration number) and e-mail address.

Criteria for Judgment
Primary consideration will be given to the essay’s originality and its contribution to new knowledge, insights and creative approach. English and Urdu essays will be judged and awarded separately.

Essays will be judged according to the following criteria:
1. Substance and originality (Understanding and arguments]: 50 marks
2. Idea development [Clarity, creativity, practicality]: 25 marks
3. Writing style, composition and organization: 25 marks

The authors of three best essays in English and Urdu will be awarded.
First prize Rs. 20,000, second prize Rs. 15,000 and third prize Rs. 10,000 along with certificates of honour and shields.

1. Deadline for submission of essays is September 30, 2011. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
2- Only one submission per student will be accepted.
3. All entries will be the property of the Centre for Civic Education Pakistan and may be published in future with writer’s names.

4- Essay can be submitted either through email to,
or by Post to The Center for Civic Education Pakistan, G.P.O. Box 1123, Islamabad